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Metos Commercial Kettles


Commercial Kettles

40/60/80/100/150/200/300/400 litre stainless steel, self-contained, steam jacketed unit operating from an electric heated steam source contained within unit and complete with electric or hydraulic tilting of bowl.


Commercial Kettles

Viking Combi is a basic cooking kettle with powerful integrated mixing device for versatile and professional food production. With the use of mixer, many dishes can be cooked from start to the finish in one unit, without any food transfer.


The brand has changed but the products haven't. Hackman is now Metos Manufacturing Manufacturing.

Metos Manufacturing Manufacturing is today the market leader in the Nordic, the Baltic and the Benelux countries and one of the leading companies and brands in Europe. Metos Manufacturing is an autonomous business group within the Italian ALI Group.

Development in the Metos Manufacturing range is based upon a deep understanding of the customer and their business operations. This, combined with more than 90 years of profound technological experience, has developed the Metos Manufacturing perception of a kitchen as a whole where state of the art systems and professional equipment add value beyond single products. Therefore we have supplemented our wide product assortment with a spectra of services such as planning, training and maintenance services. This way we can deliver to our customers complete systems that are reliable and efficient throughout their life cycle.

The Metos Manufacturing range of commercial kettles offers 3 distinctive spectrums of mixing/jacketed and combi kettles ranging from 40 – 400 litre capacities. With direct steam or electrically heated version kettles, Metos Manufacturing kettles can be configured either as a stand-alone kettle or be installed as a group. Having a versatile scope of accessories to compliment, it provides customized solutions that delivers the reassurance of serving for the most demanding of applications, whether it is for a flight kitchen, healthcare institution, staff canteen and much more.

All kettles in the Metos Manufacturing range has a high double jacket for water or steam that creates high heat around the kettle while the food are mixed against the hot side by the mixing arm. With the addition of seamless welding to ensure no edges for dirt to hide and full access to the kettle bowl, electric or hydraulic tilting with a decanting height of 600mm provides increased ergonomics and products can be tilt into various decanting trolleys and tote bins.

Proveno Commercial Kettles

The Proveno range of combi kettles is the premium solution, offering an unique cook chill solution in a commercial kettle allowing chefs to hold food in their kettles overnight and at a chilled set temperature, rethermalize in the morning for first service, all without the need of removing the product from the kettle.

With a raised digital control panel for ergonomic operational use, and selectable functions such as multi-step mixing programs, 99 user specified programs and intelligent TempGuard food temperature controls are all featured in a self-explanatory display. The benefit of having this raised control allows the Proveno kettle to have a 1/1GN workstation on its pillar, which also encompasses a retractable hand shower for cleaning of the combi kettle.

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Culino Commercial Kettles

The range of Culino mixing kettles and Culino Combi kettles, with integrated bottom mixer, presents a solid and safe production solution for every professional kitchen. Integrated bottom mixer and electric tilting are just a few of the many features that lighten the routine work and manual labour of many kitchens.
Culino and Culino Combi kettles are designed for easy and precise cooking. Digital display allows the chef to set the desired temperature from the beginning of the cooking process, and electronic temperature control keeps the kettle at the chosen temperature.
Electric tilting makes it safe to decant the food from the kettle. The kettle jacket is thermally insulated and surrounds the kettle, which decreases heat loss and increases work safety.
Culino Combi models features 4 mixing programs with digital temperature control. All kinds of food, hot and cold, are mixed effortlessly and efficiently. Gentle stirring of soups, mashing potatos or other root vegetables, crushing meat or mixing bread dough can all be done in the Culino Combi kettle. The automatic mixing programmes are designed and tested by our chefs.
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Viking Commercial Kettles

Viking kettles are efficient and user friendly basic kettles for almost all types of professional kitchens. With a large steam jacket that extends to the kettles upper rim soups, sauces and many other products will be cooked faster. Electrical tilting makes unloading easy. Viking kettles can be installed in line without support pillar in the middle which saves space in a kitchen.

The Viking Combi models are basic cooking kettles with a powerful integrated mixing device for versatile and professional food production. With the use of the mixer, many dishes can be cooked from start to the finish in one unit, without any food transfer. Mixing assists heat transfer and food is cooked faster and more evenly. Hard manual mixing work is a thing of a past. Unique mixing features enable, for example, crushing of minced meat and mashing of potatoes for purées.

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