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RONDO Dough Sheeters

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RONDO 70th anniversary

RONDO celebrates 70th anniversary

Create High Quality Pastry Products with Rondo

RONDO has a worldwide reputation for producing versatile & durable equipment.

RONDO Dough Sheeters and Sheeting Cutting Machines

RONDO has been developing and producing high-quality machines and systems for the production of all types of pastry for 70 years.

As a Swiss company, RONDO takes great pride in producing high-quality, innovative and reliable equipment. From basic benchtop sheeters to complete laminating production, RONDO has your needs covered.

“Dough-how” is the term used to describe their unique combination of know-how and experience in dough processing, which is appreciated by thousands of producers all over the world, from small artisanal bakeries all the way up to big industrial producers. RONDO “Dough-how & more” stands for expertise in everything related to dough, techniques, technology and processes:

  • • Development of new products

  • • Improvement in quality and uniformity of existing bakery products

  • • Cost reduction

  • • Longer shelf life

  • • Introduction of high levels of automation

  • • Establishment of clean-label production

  • • Commissioning of automatic production

  • • Consulting (analysis, solution, implementation)

  • • Review of existing processes

RONDO has a worldwide reputation for producing versatile, durable and efficient equipment, ensuring producers create high-quality pastry products for many years to come.

Dough Sheeters

High-quality blocks and dough bands form the basis of consistently first-class baked products. RONDO has been passionate about the production of pastry dough sheeters for over 60 years, developing solutions ranging from economical space-saving sheeters for small restaurants and bakeries, through to high-performance mechanical sheeters for processing large quantities of dough.

Sheeting and Cutting Machines

The Cutomat range is a dough sheeter with an integrated station for the consistent and efficient cutting of dough sheets – the ideal solution for the production of pastry, croissants, pizza bases and doughnuts, giving you and your staff more time to fill, fold and decorate pastries. RONDO makes it easy to produce quality shapes, with consistency of size and weight. RONDO machines are also compact, saving you precious space, and can even be accommodated in small bakeries, where space is restricted.

Moffat's expert bakery team explores the challenges commercial bakers face in today's bakery industry and are proud to partner with RONDO. From acquiring new bakery equipment to streamlining pastry production, this blog contains a list of common bakery challenges encountered by commercial bakeries along with helpful solutions. If you are interested in learning more about RONDO's and other commercial bakery equipment, contact us today.


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